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About Us

International Plastic Company is committed to producing the highest quality product and providing the best customer service. We believe that the success of the organisation is reflected in the continuous satisfaction of our clients and thus the company personnel strive towards this goal.

For over 50 years the applications of polyethylene (PE) pipeline systems for water distribution has proved to have many advantages in terms of lightness, flexibility, and freedom from corrosion. With this in mind, International Plastic Company (IPCO) offers this efficient alternative to pipeline developments. IPCO aims to provide customers with the complete water transport system. Our goal is to expand product range to the regional and international market by continuing to upgrade the quality of IPCO products according to international standards, in order to provide the most advanced leak free system in Jordan.





Founded in 1976 under the umbrella of JAMCO Group of Companies in Jordan, International Plastic Company, (IPCO), started with two extrusion lines to manufacture PVC glazing strips with a total production of 140 tons per annum.

After 4 years, IPCO became the main supplier of advanced and resourceful irrigation systems by producing Low Density (LDPE) and High Density (HDPE) Polyethylene pipes. By 1986, IPCO had produced enough pipes to circle the globe.

In 1990 the company commenced production of HDPE potable water pipes to International Standards. This was in order to supply the Jordan Water Authority's major new projects to replace aging steel water pipes, and thus IPCO successfully became the leading supplier in Jordan.

As a further development, in 1991 IPCO launched a medical department to produce IV solution bags. This has proved to be highly successful and we are now exporting on a regular basis.

In January 1997 IPCO was officially registered to the ISO 9002:1994 Standard under the following scope "Manufacture of HDPE Pipes for Drinking Water and PVC Sheaths and Tubes for IV Bags and its Accessories."

In 2002 the company added a new and higher speed extruder (Battenfeld), with a greater facility for manufacturing HDPE pipes with larger diameters to satisfy the market requirements.

This year, IPCO launched a new product for sanitary and central heating, the Crosslinked Polyethylene pipe, (PEX).

At present, IPCO operates as the leading producer and distributor of top quality commodities in the water industry in Jordan. This is demonstrated by the successful completion of numerous projects for the Water Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture.



Manufacturing excellence of Polyethylene
International Plastic Company offers complete piping systems manufactured in PE with the following advantages:

  • State of the art machinery

  • High quality pipes manufactured within ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system

  • Independent testing. Third party certification

  • Three jointing methods: Electrofusion, Butt-fusion, Mechanical Joints

  • Leak free systems

  • Design life over 100 years