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IPCO manufactures HDPE pipes for city water networks, ranging in size from 16mm - 500 mm in diameter. The pipes are designed for a nominal working pressure, Class of PN 6, PN 10, PN 16 according to ISO 4427 and EN 12201, 2003.

Characteristics of HDPE pipes manufactured at IPCO:

  • Flexible

  • Inherent resistance to the effects of ground movement

  • Chemically inert

  • Free from corrosion

  • Cost effective

  • Efficient jointing methods

  • Long life

  • Leak free

International Plastic Company provides you with the established polyethylene pipe system, with the following specified advantages:

  • High quality pipes manufactured within BSEN ISO 9001-2000 certified quality systems.

  • Independent testing. Third party certification.

  • Up to 16 bar rated at 20 degrees Celsius.

  • No anchor or thrust block needed.

  • Advantage in installation, due to its lightness and flexibility coupled with its durability and total secure jointing methods.

  • Three jointing methods: Electrofusion, Buttfusion, Mechanical Joints.




Crosslinked Polyethylene pipe (PE-X), manufactured according to DIN Standard 16892/16893. JAMCO PEX is a Cross Linked Polyethylene pipe used for central heating and sanitary networks, and has the following advantages:

  • Resistance to chemical and electrochemical corrosion

  • Resistance to abrasion

  • Low heat loss

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • Excellent workability

  • Long life

  • Non toxic



Applications and Field use:
Cross linked polyethylene pipes (JAMCO PEX) are used to convey hot and cold drinking water under pressure. This includes, low temperature cooling and heating systems (radiating panel systems), and high temperature systems (radiator systems up to 90C). Given the exceptional properties of this material, the pipes can be used to convey gas and chemical substances, as well as drainage systems, without the risk or chemical, or toxic corrosion. Importantly, JAMCO PEX produces the preferred type of material to use in the relining operations given their high resistance to abrasion.

Dimensions produced
External Diameter / mm Sleeve Diameter / mm
16 32
20 32
25 40
32 50
40 63

Note: Larger sizes are produced upon request.

Bending radii (mm)

External Diameter / mm Hot Bending / mm Cold Bending / mm
16 40 88
20 50 110
25 58 125
32 75 150
40 94 188




Irrigation pipes, according to Jordan Standard.
JS 189 - 2003
JS 595 - 2003

IPCO produces high quality P.V.C. bags and sheaths for infusion solutions which conform to the European Pharmacopoeia VI 1211 (1994) standards.

Our Medical Grade P.V.C. products are:

  • Transparent

  • Chemically inert

  • Sterilisable (125 C)

  • Adaptable

Frequent tests are performed, by an independent laboratory according to current FDA Good Laboratory Practice, to ensure the continued high standard of our product.

These tests are:

  • USP Class VI Test

  • USP physiochemical Test

  • Elution ISO Test

All raw materials are purchased from ISO 9000 certified companies.