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Quality Control

Quality Control Process

  • The pipes are black and manufactured from polyethylene containing only those antioxidants, UV stabilizers and pigments necessary for the manufacture of potable water pipes.

  • IPCO imports the raw material which is classified and approved internationally.

  • The manufacturing process is performed through the state of the art machinery.

  • The finished product is then taken to the Material Technology Division at the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) to be tested according to very specific standards.

  • The RSS acts as the third party for quality control and tests IPCO pipes for dimensions, melt flow rate, heat reversion, elongation at break, thermal stability, as well as hydrostatic strength at 80C.





International Plastic Company under the umbrella of JAMCO is officially registered to the ISO 9001:2000 under the following scope "'Manufacture of HDPE pipes for Drinking Water, Manufacture of Crosslinked Polyethylene (PE-X) Pipes. Manufacture of PVC. Sheaths and Tubes for IV Bags and its Accessories". Therefore, this guarantees that IPCO is committed to produce the highest quality of products to International Standards.

ISO Certificate

IPCO offers the complete water transport system by manufacturing HDPE pipes for city water networks, and JAMCO PEX to transport hot and cold water inside houses.

IPCO has an efficient team of trained, qualified and certified welders and engineers who provide training on installation services. A training center carries out workshops based on the theoretical and practical methods to install PE pipes.